Our Story

W-Active Wear is a leading Australian based sportswear label whose origins stem from Mackay, Queensland. W-Active Wear represents the Warrior within us all.

Everyday, each of us wake to face some form of challenge. These challenges maybe internal or external, however, despite these differences one thing is ultimately clear. No matter the challenge, the end goal always remains the same. That goal is to better ourselves in both the mind and body every single day.

With this ethos at the heart of our brand, we have named every garment after a famous Warrior throughout history to honour the human spirit.

At W-Active Wear our purpose is to create a range of clothing that not only provides superior reinforcement for the body during training but also stands out from the standard, almost ‘uniform’, lycra-clad crowd. Our inspired collections are made from fabrics of only the highest quality material and provide high-elastane, multi-layered, multi-panelled structure, giving you serious support during your rigorous training regime.

With W-Active Wear you can rest assured that you won’t have to keep ‘readjusting’ while you train as every style is engineered for the fierce workout. Our fusion of strength and style provides powerful performance with moisture wicking technology for enhanced comfort and movement. Every design is functional, fashionable, and developed for serious individuals who are fashion forward and conscious of what they wear.

We believe in passion, integrity, and respect – the foundation of the W-Active Wear range. We warmly invite you to share in this ethos by living your life with these values at your core. Our products will undoubtedly support you on your journey.

Release your inner Warrior!

W-Active Wear