Behind the Lens

Antonia has been part of the W-Active Wear crew from the very beginning and someone who takes her health and fitness very seriously.  Born in New Zealand and moving to Australia when she was young, she has embraced the modelling environment but don't ask her to give up her day job. 



Who are you? 

I sell cars at a local dealership and model in my downtime (which I absolutely love). I am a massive dog lover, online shopper and gym enthusiast.


What/who inspires you?

Anyone who is passionate about their health and fitness and their own body.  I love people that are enthusiastic and full of energy.


What do you love about W Activewear?

EVERYTHING, the fun colours which are extremely comfortable.  The fabrics are weightless, but strong basically like a second skin. 



Favourite item?

That's a hard one I love all of them but if I had to pick i would choose the Freya singlet and Zelda tights.   


Favourite Exercise?

I never dreamed of ever being able to do a pull-up, I only ever watched other girls do them. It inspired me to try and set a target of achieving at least one pull-up. And now after loads of training and assistance from my trainers, I can finally do them. I'm up to about 5 in a row and absolutely loving the exercise, which I hope to have 10 very soon. 


Favourite Cheat Meal?

I would love to say not a family bag Peanut MnM’s.


Who do you nominate to join our Tribe?

Melissa Lindsay @melissalindsay


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 @ttoniaa on Insta

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Expect to see more of Antonia as new collections are released.